Banba’s Crown

Banba’s Tower: Originally built as a Martello Lookout Tower during the Napoleonic Wars. The British Admiralty constructed the present tower in 1805.   Weather reports, which were so important to local and international shipping, were first recorded at Malin Head in 1870. It then became a Signal Tower for Lloyds of London using semaphore to connect with ships at sea and the lighthouse on Inishtrahull Island lying to the northeast of here.

In 1902 the Marconi Company succeeded in sending the first commercial message by wireless from Malin Head to the ship S.S. Lake Ontario thus establishing Malin Head as an important staging post for future trans-Atlantic communication, however the Post Office took over from the Marconi Company in 1910. 

Situated at 550 22 N 0070 22 W this is an area of great diversities, but unknown to a lot of people this area is steeped in natural & actual history. In the coming pages, we’ll tell you all that you’ll need to know what makes this place a wee bit special. The picture in the bottom right is the starting point for the Malin Head Trail. A leisurely hour should get you out there, but allow another one or two to enjoy and meander back to the hill of Banba’s Crown.